Gender: A wider lens


Gender, identity and transition from a psychological perspective. Take a deep dive into a psychological exploration of body, mind, identity, culture, and psyche. Hosted by therapists Stella O’Malley (Ireland) and Sasha Ayad (US)

Detrans stories

Youtube series

This channel is a mix of investigative journalism, cultural criticism, and interviews with interesting people. Hosted by US-based podcaster Benjamin Boyce. 

Detrans Awareness Day webinar 2022

Youtube series

UK-based advocacy organization Genspect hosted a webinar on Detrans Awareness Day, March 12, with informative speakers talking about critical detransition topics, including fandoms, autism, male detransition, and inspiring stories of how young people are rebuilding their lives.

LGBT Courage Coalition


The LGBT Courage Coalition is a coalition of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults who are concerned with the current state of gender medicine for children, adolescents, and teenagers in the United States and Canada.

ReDetransCanada research symposium

Youtube series

An all-day symposium held in Toronto, ON, Canada on November 21st 2022. The series includes the research findings of an interdisciplinary group of gender-related health professionals as well as detrans voices.



Join hosts Aaron Kimberly and Aaron Terrell, co-founders of the Gender Dysphoria Alliance, for a compassionate yet heterodox exploration of the question of trans. The Gender Dysphoria Alliance is an evidence-based education and advocacy network operating out of Canada and the US.

When Kids Say They’re Trans


A resource for parents who want their children to flourish, but do not believe that hasty medicalisation is the best way to ensure long-term health and well-being. Written by Sasha Ayad, Lisa Marchiano and Stella O’Malley.